16 for top to toe

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16 for top to toe
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The ultimate selection of 16 Lush bath, shower and body products.

A handmade gift for newbies and Lush legends alike, this selection will look after every part of you, leaving you to live your best Lush life.

How to use:
Soap: Lather up and rinse for a lush cleanse.
Bath Bomb: Run the bath and release into warm waters.
Bubble Bar: Crumble under warm running water for mounds of bubbles.
Shampoo Bar: Stroke your shampoo bar over your hair a few times to lather it up, massage and rinse for cleansed hair.
Shower Gels: Work over your body in the shower, lather up and rinse.
Body Scrub: Apply to dry skin and rub all over. For a gentler buff, use on damp skin in the shower. Rinse away to feel super soft and smooth.
Massage Bar: Warm the bar on your skin and let it glide all over to boost circulation and smooth out tension.
Foot Lotion: Put your feet up, massage a generous dollop into skin and relax for as long as you have time.
Body Conditioner: Smooth on over wet skin whilst bathing or showering, rinse off, then lightly towel yourself dry.
Cuticle Butter: Massage into cuticles, nails and anywhere else that craves concentrated attention.

What's this ethical gift made of?
- Reusable box made from 100% recycled board.
- Printed Ribbon - Made from recycled plastic bottles. 
- Eco pops. Your gift will be packed with these biodegradable product protectors. 

16 items in the box
Inside your gift…
The Olive Branch shower gel
Shower Gel
Peaceful skin
Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo bar
Shampoo Bar
Bee in your bonnet?
intergalactic bathbomb
Bath Bomb
Blast off into funky
Bubble Bar
Ambient bathing
a block of the orange karma soap
Classic, spicy, heady suds
Ro's Argan body conditioner
Body Conditioner
Heaven-scented smooth skin
Shower Scrub
Freshly scrubbed
sleepy christmas shower gel
Shower Gel
Thank you and goodnight
The Comforter bubble bar
Bubble Bar
Berry yourself under a fruity blanket
oval shaped patterned massage bar
Massage Bar
Soothe sore and achy muscles
Foot Lotion
Your desert island essential
Cuticle Butter
Takes care of the hard stuff
Bath Bomb
Let the sun set on worries
Face And Body Scrub
Scrub and soften
Sleepy body lotion
Body Lotion
Body Lotion
Heavenly hydration
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