Bring back, my curls!

Curly Wurly


Bring back, my curls!
Curly Shampoo

A rich coconut shampoo for anyone that wants soft, nourished hair. Lemon and papaya juice contain fruit enzymes to deeply clean the hair, leaving it feeling fresh. We’ve then used plenty of dessicated coconut and coconut oil, both rich in proteins and natural oil. We’ve added jojoba oil, a light oil which offers moisture and shine to the hair, while organic extra virgin olive oil helps to strengthen.

23 Ingredients
Stimulating and brightening
Protective and nourishing
Strengthening and conditioning

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 6 years ago

I was really disappointed with Curly Wurly, after I washed it out of my hair, got out of the shower and let my hair dry naturally it looked and felt fluffy and frizzy. Unfortunately I didn't like this product and would not recommend it. :(

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About 7 years ago

BEST SHAMPOO EVER!!! I get psorisis on my scalp and have tried so many shampoos to stop the itching. Nut to stop the itching makes my hair dry and flattens the curl. This stuff though is the BOMB! No more itchy and awesome curls. Love, love, love it!!


6 years ago


About 6 years ago

Curly Wurly did what it's supposed to- nurture my dry curls but I just cannot stand the scent. The mixture is a bit off somewhere because I love both coconut and vanilla... Good product overall.

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