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Spring water comes from natural springs. Water can dissolve the mineral content in the rocks it flows over. Rain and melted snow filter through soil and permeable rock until they are stopped by an impervious rock such as granite.



Water percolates through rock strata, collecting different minerals. Limestone enriches water with calcium; water from the dolomites is rich in magnesium; and volcanic rocks are rich in sodium. Mineral waters emerge as pure springs. These processes create spring water.

Our spring water comes from Charlton Barrow, in the heart of beautiful Dorset. History suggests water has been extracted from chalk below the ground since Roman times. Water from Charlton Barrow is recognised internationally for its purity and high levels of sodium, which preserves elasticity of blood vessels.

Though water is important in cosmetics, we are experts at making products that do not contain water, such as our solid shampoos and bubble bars. Our fresh face masks control water content, establishing microbiological quality.

Our pure Dorset mineral water is drawn up from underground lakes. It has been filtered through chalk for years, leaving it pure. 10-20 million litres are drawn up from these holes per year and sold across Dorset, Jersey and Guernsey.

Water is an essential for every living system. Today, medical professionals everywhere tout the importance of water. Drinking water helps to flush out wastes in the body and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Spring water contains vital minerals. Minerals maintain the water balance essential for healthy life processes. They do this by drawing chemical substances in and out of cells. Minerals balance the pH levels of the blood, balance the nervous system and neutralise wastes. By using spring water in our products we are allowing all these miraculous properties to benefit the skin.


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Products with this ingredient
Spring Water can be found in these products
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