Mint Absolute

Mentha piperita

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refreshing, uplifting and analgesic
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Mint absolute is made out of mentha piperita leaves. It is refreshing and uplifting for the mind, as well as it is is cooling, soothing and analgesic on the skin.



Mint (Mentha) is named after the Greek nymph ‘Minthe,’ which means ‘green’. There are many varieties of mint of the Labiatae plant family. Lush uses the leaves of Mentha piperita or Peppermint, that are grown locally in Ringwood (UK) through the summer months while during the winter, they come from Italy.

Mint was used since ancient times to treat itching skin conditions, burns, ringworm, digestive disorders and respiratory tract infections. It’s really effective in relieving muscle pain and headaches as a mild analgesic.

Nowadays, mint leaves, as well the essential oil and absolute derived from it, are known for their strong cooling flavour and smell due to the high level of menthol present in the plant. Menthol is an active component full of benefits for the skin: it is revitalising, stimulating, cooling and soothing. It has also refreshing, reviving and tension-relieving qualities for the mind.