Labdanum Resinoid

Cistus ladaniferus

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Fragrant, warm and musky aroma
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Labdanum resinoid has a balsamic, amber and musky fragrance. The warm aroma of this resinoid it’s used a lot in perfumery because of its animalic smell, making it a good an alternative to musk. Moreover is used as a fixative, sweetener, and blender for perfumes.



Labdanum resinoid is one of the materials produced by the cistus plant, a small shrub from the Cistaceae or rock-rose family. The leaves are evergreen and become coated in a sticky resin called labdanum as the temperature soars, which protects the plant from the hot climate and dehydration.

Many materials are produced from the cistus plant, including labdanum resinoid, cistus oil and some other concretes and absolutes.

The resinoid is well known in aromatherapy and folk medicine as fungicidal and antibacterial.

At room temperature, this resinoid is very dark and thick, so it’s important to store it in a special, warm room to keep it more viscous. Lush buys a diluted version, that can be combined more easily with other essential oils, from a supplier in Spain.



Labdanum Resinoid can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Labdanum Resinoid can be found in these products
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