Juniperberry Oil

Juniperus communis

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Balancing for hair and skin
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Juniper berry oil (Juniperus communis) has been known since ancient times as a very strong antiseptic and diuretic. It is traditionally used to help with urinary infections, respiratory problems, stomach complaints and contagious diseases. Its scent is refreshing and stimulates the mind.



Juniperberry is used to flavour food and drink and is the characteristic aroma in gin. It has an antiseptic quality, which can keep the pores clear and skin matte, as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Known for its refreshing woody aroma, juniperberry oil was used in Tibet since the 8th Century, as incense, a disinfectant and to ward off evil spirits.

Aromatherapists also use juniperberry to balance sebum production in the sebaceous glands. In a deodorant, juniperberry oil is able to balance the skin’s sebaceous and sweat production, limit the growth of body odour producing bacteria and give the skin a fresh woody scent.

Juniperberry oil is exacted from the spicy blue-black berry of the Juniper tree. Cade oil, known for its ability to treat scalp conditions such as the yeast infection malassezia, or dandruff, comes from the bark of the Juniper tree and has a much more smoky ‘bonfire’ type aroma.

The Juniper tree is native to Europe, but has since been grown in the United States. The berries take three years to ripen and the berries from Southern Europe are said to be the most flavourful.

We buy our juniper berry oil from Hungary and have worked with our supplier for around 13 years as of 2016.  They are a family business and also supply us with our Chamomile blue oil.

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At a glance

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Juniperberry Oil can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Juniperberry Oil can be found in these products
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