Coconut Cream

Cocos nucifera

Coconut Cream
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The coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) is thought to be native to the warm climates of Polynesia, Malaysia and southern Asia. The trees bloom and bear fruit throughout the year, growing a new flower spike nearly every month. This then becomes a cluster of six to twelve nuts. The nuts are the largest seed known to the world, and can take up to a year to fully mature.



The tree can yield two hundred coconuts.

Kalpa vrishka, the Sanskrit name for the coconut, means tree which gives all that is necessary for living.

The white flesh (harvested from inside the nut) is washed, shredded and dried. This is known as desiccated coconut.

The desiccated coconut is then ground into a thick paste and pressed into bars to make creamed coconut.

We utilise creamed coconut in different ways; we grate it and also make it into an infusion.