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Head, shoulders, knees and toes: the ultimate pamper

Pamper: verb - to indulge with every attention, comfort and kindness.

Amongst the chaos of meetings, emails and commuting, too often 'me time' gets left off our weekly schedule. But, with pampering increasingly thought to benefit the mind as well as body, there are plenty of reasons to schedule in that long, relaxing bath or luxurious hot oil hair treatment. Make a date with yourself and indulge in some serious self care - it's guilt free and good for you.

If you’ve had a long tiring day at the office, uplifting, reviving mints and spices will boost the hair, brighten the skin and refresh your mood. Or maybe you’ve got a hot date? Sensual oils and creamy butters will make your hair and skin feel like a million dollars so you feel hot to trot from head to toe.

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes has taken on a entirely new meaning. Choose a unique menu of ingredients to spoil your whole body and inspire the mind.


First up, get your head in the clouds with an essential oil packed hair treatment. Whether you want to soothe your scalp, strengthen your hair or give it a YUGE amount of volume - there’s a treatment ready and waiting for you. Simply pop your chosen treatment into a large mug, put the kettle on and slowly add hot water while stirring thoroughly. As the lavish ingredients melt, gradually top up with hot water while continuing to stir. The finished result will be a hot mug of rich and creamy product.

When it comes to knowing what to pick, a wealth of choice awaits you. For example, if you like it hot (and blonde), Marilyn will spoil lighter hair tones with shine-enhancing ingredients. This bombshell is full of extra virgin olive oil to restore the hair’s strength and limit breakage. The chamomile and lemon oil enhance existent blonde and lighter tones leaving you will a glossy and vibrant do.

Alternatively, why not turn up the volume with Yuge hot oil treatment, for a real boost of confidence? Spearmint oil and peppermint powder stimulate the roots and boost circulation, while sea salt promotes shine and increases volume.

Prescribe your hair and scalp a dose of serious TLC with the newly reformulated Hair Doctor hot oil treatment. It’s back and bursting with jojoba, coconut and almond essential oils to make it extra hydrating for thirsty locks - alongside chamomile blue oil to soothe the scalp and peppermint oil that will stimulate the roots and promote fresh and healthy hair growth.

Getting artsy with hair colours and styles is extremely fun but why not give your mane a day off with a hot oil treatment? Damaged is packed with rich almond and avocado oils to deeply moisturise, along with extra virgin olive oil to increase tensile strength. With silky smooth and vanilla perfumed hair, you’ll have those locks out in town in no time.

And finally, just like New shampoo bar, New hot oil treatment is a garden full of nettle and rosemary absolutes that will calm and balance your scalp. It’s a great treatment for the hair too, with extra virgin olive oil to add strength, softness and reduce breakage. Wash this nutritious treatment out with the shampoo bar to deliver extra stimulation for the scalp.

Lush Hair Doctor hot oil treatment for hair and scalp
Pamper your feet with Volcano foot mask


Now that your hair is smothered with your chosen treatment, pop it out of the way for 20 minutes as it’s time to spoil the rest of your body. Shower enthusiasts, why not grab a body scrub such as Rub Rub Rub to exfoliate the day away? Fine sea salt and lemon juice will leave you feeling squeaky clean with silky smooth skin. Add a big splash of Happy Hippy shower gel into this routine and allow uplifting pink grapefruit and bergamot oil to lift your mood and send you straight to your happy place.

Alternatively, comfort and soothe your skin with a kiss from the Mediterranean by lathering up with summery, uplifting The Olive Branch shower gel. The olives inside are hand-harvested by Israeli and Palestinian farmers from the Sindyanna women's co-operative in Galilee, then cold-pressed into a moisturising oil that will condition and moisturise.

Why not pair with Minamisoma shower oil. It’s a rejuvenating twist of lemon and bergamot, with Fair Trade Organic cocoa butter for a softening wash that’ll leave your skin and conscience squeaky clean.

If baths are more your vibe, why not indulge in a cocoon of soft and warm water with your favourite bath bomb? Hit the snooze button with Twilight bath bomb; lavender and tonka will send you straight to dreamland. But just before your head hits the pillow, scrub away any worries with ground coconut shells and ground almonds found in Scrubee.

Or rock your bath with the empowering Goddess bomb. A luxurious palette of lilac and violet colours, and the most divine ingredients (oudh oil and jasmine absolute to be precise) will give you the confidence to boss the week ahead.

After drying off, take a dip into Sympathy For The Skin body lotion to add some sweet into this spicy mix. It’s all about giving yourself the attention that you deserve.


In need of a scrub that’s the absolute bee’s knees? Scrubee is here to buff your skin with natural and eco-friendly exfoliants: ground almond and coconut shells. This sweet little bee is full of conditioning Fair Trade cocoa and shea butters for evergreen softness. Simply stroke over wet skin to scrub and condition all in one!

Ro’s Argan body conditioner to top up the moisture and for a fresh and floral kiss to the skin.



While all that the hot oil goodness is giving your hair its final boost, let’s not forget about our trusty feet that carry us around all day.

Finish off with reviving Pink Peppermint foot lotion to keep your feet in mint condition. The peppermint oil is cooling and invigorating, while arnica infusion relieves tired feet.

Sprinkling some T For Toes foot powder will absorb any excess moisture. Top tip: keep this powder in your bag for a top-up foot-cleanse during the day!

Hopefully, you now feel inspired to kickstart a serious head, shoulders, knees and toes pamper. 


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