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Cracking Easter games for the whole family

With enough tantalising treats to rival Wonka’s chocolate factory hitting the shelves each spring, why not ask the Easter bunny for something a little different this year? Open up a chocolate box of new and exciting bath and shower time goodies that you won’t want to share (but should).

To get your break off to a cracking start, here are some fresh Easter activities to keep you and the kids entertained. Hop to it and gather your loved ones together for an Easter bop and let the fun eggscalate.

The Easter bath bomb hunt

Get fizzycal with a high energy bath bomb hunt.

You will need: Some of our eggciting Easter bath bombs and an inside space if the sun hasn’t got his hat on.

The Easter bunnies have been busy making an abundance of giant egg shaped bath bombs, so get inventive and hide these round the garden to inspire some healthy competition in your little ones. Fall down the rabbit hole and into luxury bath waters with Which came first? , a zingy and uplifting bath bomb full of Sicilian lemon and grapefruit oil, or get pysh-egged for Free Rangers, a two-part bath bomb laid-en with fruity blackcurrant absolute and citrusy bergamot. There’s sure to be an Easter egg bath bomb for all the family and who knows, maybe you’ll even dig up a golden egg?

The knot-just-for-Easter drawstring bag

Create an alternative Easter basket this year.

You will need: A Knotwrap and a selection of your favourite goodies.

Why not learn a new skill this Easter? Based on the ancient Japanese art of Furoshiki or fabric wrapping, recycled and vintage Knot Wraps can be used as an alternative to wrapping paper or gift boxes, cutting down waste and making gifts stand out from the crowd. Perfect for a rainy day, sit the family down to watch a video on how to create your own Knot Wraps, from handbags to headbands, then showcase all of your colourful inventions in a knot wrap catwalk and let grandma strut like Campbell, or dad work it like Moss down a homemade runway. Once Easter is over you’ll have the skills to turn an everyday scarf into an emergency bag at the drop of a hat. An impressive and practical party trick!

Want to up your game? Knot for the faint hearted, this game will bring out the most competitive members of the family! Grab yourself a pack of Knot wrap cards and challenge your family to a knot wrapping duel. Nominate a referee, deal out the cards face down, and turn over the cards at the referee’s call. The first to successfully make what is on their card is victorious!

A test of willpower

A spoonful of sugar…

You will need: A pot of indulgent sugar Lip scrub and some serious resolve.  

Forget the doughnuts, nothing will test your willpower like these luscious edible lip scrubs! Simply apply and see who can resist licking off these lip smackingly good flavours the longest. The coarse sugar in lip scrubs doubles up as an exfoliator to leave your lips feeling soft and smooth and with plenty of flavours to choose from you will be spoilt for choice. But seeing as it’s Easter, give chocolate lip scrub a go for the ultimately naughty but nice, chocolate orange hit!

On your marks, get set, mould!

Get creative with some Fun Easter Egg moulding.

You will need: A few different coloured bars of Fun and some table-space!

If you’re looking for some Fun, you’re definitely in the right place. This multi-purpose, self-preserving product can be used to wash body and hair, as bubble bath or play dough and even as a shaving soap! Perfect for sensitive souls, it’s made from gentle, skin-softening glycerine (a vegetable oil humectant) and lots of wonderful essential oils to make you and your bath smell lovely. There are lots of different coloured bars of Fun to choose from and each has a different smell. Alternatively, pick up a bar of Rainbow Fun for a wonderful selection of colours and scents.

What's more, since launching Fun in 2012, 10p of the proceeds from each 200g bar has been donated to children's projects in areas affected by the 2011 Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. Read more about how your contribution is changing the lives of children growing up in this challenging environment.

Whether you set a time limit, additional rules, or even make it a team effort, get creative with some eggstravagant Easter egg designs. There will be no more bath time battles with your tots as they will be eager to take their Fun creations for a dip.

A great twist on this game for older kids or adults is blindfolded Fun moulding. Your Easter Knot Wraps will come in handy here – just make sure you adhere to all relevant health and safety common sense.

You can preserve your kids’ colourful designs in a cool place for a couple of days if you wish, but we advise getting them in the bath soon to enjoy all the beautiful essential oils. Crumble a little Fun under the tap to create a gorgeous bubble bath and use a piece to gently wash the hair and cleanse the body. Beautiful.

We love to share, so comment below with your own Easter activity ideas

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