Be mine: 12 rose products for your Valentine

Every year, billions of Cupids around the world send roses to their Valentines. A symbol of love and beauty, the rose has become synonymous with Valentine’s Day, but what do you know about this sentimental flower?

Born from the strict Victorian era, the secret code of floriography, or language of flowers, was used for intimate communication. Various messages could be sent depending on the variety, colour and arrangement of the flowers. Whole dictionaries  were even written on the topic. Daffodils were a symbol of new beginnings, daisies a symbol of innocence, and each bloom was encrypted with meaning.

But what about the rose?

The red rose can be seen universally at Valentine’s and has become an emblem of passionate or true love. A pink rose indicates a warm affection, while a yellow rose symbolises friendship, joy and new beginnings.

But it doesn’t stop there. The number of roses gifted to your lover also holds significance. A single rose indicates love at first sight, while nine roses signifies eternal love. Perhaps the most fitting message to send on Valentine’s Day however - 12 roses declares to your sweetie ‘be mine.’

A soothing ingredient, rose calms and clears complexions. Used in aromatherapy for its uplifting effects, it is also said that it can have an aphrodisiac effect on some.

Lush sources roses from Senir, Turkey, where over 3000 local farmers carefully distill the rose petals of the damask rose into the opulent oil and absolute that goes into making standout products. You can read more about this process here

A classic…

Forget those synthetic rose scented drawliners your nan uses and think movie star-moments and vintage glamour. Wrap your beau in classic rose for a whirlwind romance that takes you to the stars.

Begin with a dip in refined rose. TIsty Tosty is a fairytale bath bomb that will cast a love spell on your special someone. As it fizzes, this parcel of seven rosebuds will dissolve gently into pink, leaving your loved one with a blossoming bathtub that smells divine.

Alternatively, Rose Bombshell is sure to set your evening off with a bang. Why not share a candlelit bath and let this classic bath bomb do the romancing. An unexpected surprise - yellow rose petals burst from the middle, while euphoric rose absolute and geranium steam rises.

Don’t have a bath? Take your Valentine on a journey through gentle rose, zesty lime and grounding olibanum waters with Tunnel Of Love. This rich, cleansing soap will leave a lingering scent on your lover’s kissably soft skin.

Let’s get it on…

Flowers and chocolates? Have both with the saucy combination of cocoa butter and rose. Cosy up with a selection of sensual products that will keep things going allll night long.

Follow up your dip with a conditioning caress. Ro's Argan body conditioner is a sumptuous delight. Sweet floral rose blends with a selection of exquisite butters and oils for a sultry shower or soak. Glide onto the skin and rinse off the excess, revealing oh-so-soft skin.

If you prefer something sweeter then Pearl is perfect for an intimate pamper session. An argan oil and Fair Trade shea and cocoa butter based massage bar, this skin-softening bar is embellished with pink pearls and is a beautiful combination of timeless rose and lemon.

A bit of fun…

What’s love if you can’t have a giggle? Think candied rose and playful products that will unleash your mischievous side. These happy go lucky cosmetics will have you dizzy with sugary euphoria.

Kick things off with some bubble fun, Rose Jam Bubbleroon is a macaroon shaped bubble bar that can be crumbled under the running tap to conjure up cloud-like bubbles. A classic combination of rose and lemon, this conditioning bubble bar contains Fair Trade organic cocoa butter for a soothing dip.

Finish off your fresh-faced look with a sweep of Rose Lollipop a lickably-sweet lip balm with cupuacu butter and Sicilian lemon oil to condition and cleanse. Rose soothes lips that like to be kissed, while organic sweet orange oil gives this balm a delicious citrus flavour.

A spritz of perfume and you’re ready to go. A playfully floral perfume, Amelie Mae is a sprightly blend of herbaceous lavender, sensual ylang ylang and evocative rose that summons up sweet, raspberry notes and uplift the senses to leave you feeling energised.

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