Passionate crushes

Whole Lotta Love


Passionate crushes
Whole Lotta Love bubbleroon in the shape of a heart

Love: how better to describe it than two vivid red hearts sandwiched together with creamy, skin-softening organic shea butter?

Shall I compare thee to a bubbleroon?
Thou art handmade with a scent so fresh and light.
Rough winds do shake and make my young heart swoon,
And bathing with you makes our love feel right.
Crumble beneath a nice hot running tap,
And watch the bubbles foam and grow and rise.
Whether you met in town or on an app
Jump in a bath and look deep into their eyes.
A cheeky scent that makes your warm heart sing
You can detect a whiff of floral rose
You hark right back to young loves dream this Spring
As bergamot rises and fills your nose
So long as scent exists or eyes can see,
Our whole lotta love gives life to me.

31 Ingredients
Balancing and restorative
Gently moisturising
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