Naked Body Scrubs and Butters

Smooth, soft skin is just a solid sweep away!

Body scrubs and butters are solid bars that pack a scrubby or hydrating punch and leave your skin soft and glowing. These unpackaged (or as we like to say, naked) inventions are versatile and waste free—isn’t it time you tried them out?

Why go solid?

Most body scrubs and lotions on the market are packaged in plastic bottles and pots (some of ours are too), but there’s another way. We’ve created solid body scrubs and body butters, which smooth and hydrate skin like the best of ‘em. Turning scrubs and lotions into solid inventions has a few fab benefits:

  • We’ve eliminated their packaging, reducing the waste and environmental impact associated with each one.
  • They’re perfect for traveling because they won’t spill or leak, and can go right into your carry-on bag.
  • By removing most of the water content from their formulas, we’re able to make these products self-preserving, meaning they don’t require any synthetic preservatives to stay fresh.

Meet the scrubs and butters

Whether you’re looking for a rough scrub for tough calluses, a gentle polisher for sensitive bits or a rich buttery moisturizer to keep dry skin at bay, there’s a solid scrub or body butter for you. All our scrubs are made with natural exfoliants, leaving them free of microplastics, so they’ll never harm our waterways!

The coarsest of our solid scrubs is Buffy Body Butter. Ground rice, almonds and aduki beans are blended into a blend of fair trade cocoa butter and shea butter that whips skin into shape, leaving behind a creamy, buttery moisture.

For a sugary scrub with a little more hydration, The Rough With The Smooth is just the thing. Exfoliating sugar meets silky murumuru and cocoa butters plus the spicy, earthy perfume of black pepper, patchouli and vanilla.

If it’s rich, creamy moisture without the scrubby bits that you’re after, King Of Skin is just the thing. Fresh mashed bananas and avocados are whipped into a blend of fair trade organic cocoa butter and shea butter. Simply smooth over skin in the shower for decadently soft skin—no body lotion required.

Made especially for the tough skin on our feet, Pumice Power’s scrubby pumice powder makes light work of dry heels and toes. Rub all over feet to scrub away dry skin while coconut oil lightly moisturizes and sweet wild orange oil leaves your tootsies fresher than ever.

With all these options for naked body butters and scrubs, there’s sure to be one (or two!) that will take your skincare routine to the next level. Pop into your local shop to try them out for yourself.

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