How to Reuse Your Bathwater

Grey bath water is simply water that can be reused instead of letting it go down the drain. You can collect this by using a bucket after a bubble bath or syphoning off water. It has lots of different uses and gives us an opportunity to do our part for the environment by reusing something as simple as water, an important and precious resource.

Whilst fizzing the Bath Bomb, bubbling the bar and relaxing in your bath, why not devote a few minutes to thinking about how you can put the water you're bathing in to some good use when you're done?

A flood of ideas:

  • Use your bath water in the garden. Water the soil around the plants rather than the leaves. They'll love the phosphates in the soap.
  • Keep a bucket next to your tub and use it to flush the toilet.
  • Going to wash your car? Plan a bath beforehand and reuse the water.
  • Wash your rugs, curtains and other bits that need handwashing. They'll smell lovely.
  • Melt away in a romantic bath for two. You'll use half the water and have twice the fun!

These are some of our ideas, but we know you've got some too, so please email us and we will add them to the list:)

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